We Are Inner-City Games


We Are Inner-City Games

Maintaining the culture of prevention for the next 20 years

The Inner-City Games Los Angeles and its founding organization, the Hollenbeck Police Business Council are excited to announce a new multi-media campaign, WE ARE INNER-CITY GAMES, celebrating 20 years of service creating transformative community programs that have inspired a reinvention of the relationship between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

Before the smoke cleared in Los Angeles, following the 1992 Riots , the Hollenbeck Police-Business Council team was fully engaged in neutralizing community tensions across all ethnic, economic and demographic lines through its diverse community programs and contacts. City leaders quickly saw an opportunity to take Hollenbeck’s local East L.A. Inner-City Games concept to a city-wide level. With broad backing from political leadership, the Entertainment Industry and other business and community leaders, Hollenbeck began an intense community organizing campaign to, plan and produce what was essentially, a mini-Olympic Games.

Just five months after the 1992 LA RIOTS, with the support of government resources and private financing, the first Hollenbeck produced, Inner-City Games (ICG) were launched involving hundreds of thousands of youth, their families and volunteers from across the greater Los Angeles area. It was an amazing accomplishment in such a short†period of time and served to unite, heal and rebuild trust across all sectors of society and especially in the relationship between law enforcement and inner-city communities.

After twenty years of the Inner-City Games, we want to reflect on our passed accomplishments and celebrate our future.

Together we have rebuilt our city and together we will embrace the future.

We are Inner-City Games!

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